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Mando-pop Songs

王笠人 – 如果我們再相遇 致,第三者 ~ Wang Li Ren, If We Meet Again (To the Dearest Intruder)

There is a cruel saying, that the one unloved is the third party. 想說好多話 可不知從何說起 Many words I want to say but don’t know where to start from 幻想每一個瞬間 Imagining every moment 失眠的我和熟睡的你 Insomniac me and you deeply asleep 一切都是假象 我寧願昏迷 Everything is a mirage, I’d rather be unconscious 這再次錯過的愛情 不值得回憶 The love that was … Continue reading

Mando-pop Songs

Della丁噹 [ 洋蔥 ] ~ Onion By Ding Dang

如果你眼神能够为我 片刻的降临 If your gaze could land on me for a moment 如果你能听到 心碎的声音 If you could the shattering of my heart 沉默的守护着你 沉默的等奇蹟 Silently guarding you, silent awaiting a miracle 沉默的让自己 像是空气 Silent let myself be like air 大家都吃着聊着笑着 今晚多开心 Everyone is eating and laughing, having such a happy time tonight 最角落里的我 笑得多合群 I’m … Continue reading